Temples are places of worship of Hindus.They are the abode of the God . Almost in every village and town you will find a small devi temple. It is believed that deity in the temple protects all the people of that area.

Hindu Temple
A Hindu Temple

In addition to Devi temples there are special temples for Gods Shiva, Vishnu, Bhrama, Ganapathi. Special temples are big temples and usually found in towns. According to Hindus scriptures the temple itself is the body of God. On entering the temple the devotee merges with the devatha. The temple gate is considered the feet of the devatha. So before entering the temple keep your foot wares outside. The customs followed by the devotees of different temples may differ. But the common rules to be followed are the following.

1.Always enter the temple barefooted.

2.Chant mantras for the deity and pray.

3.Always give away to the priests.

4.Do not talk in a loud voice, smoke or drink inside a temple.