Sattriya, the classical dance

Sattriya is the classical dance form that originated in Assam. The dance was performed in monasteries as part of rituals. The monasteries were known as Sattras , so the dance form came to be known as Sattriya. The dance is highly traditional and ritualistic was performed by celibate monks. It was created by monk Sankardev and was further enriched by his disciple Madhavdev. Today the dance form is performed on stage by both male and female dancers.
In the monasteries the dancers strictly disciplined and were to perform according to the guidelines for ritualistic purposes so even now you can find them in purest form. The dance drama has been influenced by various folk dances of Assam like Bihu, Bodus etc. Mostly the stories about Lord Krishna are enacted in the dance.
The musical compositions for the dance were laid down by Sankardev and Madhavdev.The musical instruments used are drums,cymbals and flute. The male costume is dhoti and chaddar and female costume is ghuri and chaddar. Assamese ornaments are worn by the dancer.

Some of the famous dancers are
Jibeshwar Goswami
Pradip Chaliha
Indira Bora
Manik Barbayan
Anita Sharma
Raseshwar Saikia

Sattriya dancers
Sattriya dancers