How to start your day positively and ensure Gods help
Get up early in the morning preferably before sunrise. Sitting on your bed open your palms, look at them and chant the following mantra which means on the edge of the palm Goddess Lakshmi (Prosperity) resides, In the middle of the palm Goddess Saraswati (Knowledge) resides and at the root of the palm resides Govinda (Vitality). Try to visualize the mantra as it is believed that what you see first in the morning on opening your eyes will have an impact on your whole day.

Karaagre vasate Lakshmi, Karamadhye Saraswati
Karamule tu Govinda, Phrabhate Karadarshanam

Your actions done with your palm determines the course of your day. So make sure of your actions are indeed good and the mantra ensures that Gods are always with you helping you through the entire day.

Hindus consider earth as Goddess. So before you set foot on the ground pray to Goddess Earth. Chant the following mantra

Samudra Vasaane devi, Parvatha stana manadale
Vishnupathni namastubhyam pada sparaham kshmasva me

This means Goddess Earth whose clothes form the sea and mountains bosom, who is wife of Vishnu, I salute you, please forgive me for placing my feet over you.
After performing this go through your morning routines, take a bath, light a lamp and offer prayers to your favorite deity. If there is a Tulasi plant in your courtyard water it and offer prayers to Tulasi plant too. Before you go out of the house seek the blessings of elders whenever possible. These will help you to have a fruitful day.