Mohiniattam, the classical dance form of India originated in Kerala. The dance is performed as a solo performance by a female dancer. The movements of the dance are gentle and gracious. The aspects of Bhava that are predominant in the dance are Lasya and Sringara. The stories enacted by the dancer comes from Hindu mythology. In olden days, the dance was performed in temples and palaces. The famous patron of the dance was King Swathi Thirunal. He wrote a lot of lyrics for the dance form. After his period, the dance declined. The revival of the dance form took place after MahaKavi Vallathol established Kerala Kalamandalam. It become popular under the guidance of the famous dancer Kalamandalam Kalyani kutti amma.

The costume used is white saree with golden brocade. The ornaments used are of gold and traditional temple designs .The dancer adorns her hair with jasmine flowers and wears chilankagas(dancing bells) on her feet. The lyrics used are a mixture of Malayalam and Sanskrit. The music is keralite. The movements in the dance adhere to Natayashatra.

Some of the famous dancers are
Kalamandalam Kalyani kutti amma
Kalamandalam Sathyabhama
Kanake Rele
Bharathi Sivaji
Goopika Varma
Pallavi Krishnan
Neena Prasad