Tilak on forehead


Tilak is a mark made on  forehead. It is a hindu custom to apply tilak (tilakam,tika). Hindus believe that applying tilak will bring success. Some Hindus applied tilak to specifying the the god they worshiped.

Benefits of tilak

Tilak is applied on main body parts. Among them those require special mention are forehead, neck, chest, both shoulders. The prime importance is given to the forehead. The area above nose, between two eye brows is considered as the important point on the body of human being. According to Yogashastra, this is the place where Aajnachakra of the human body is situated and inside the  Aajnachakra the mind resides. So applying Tilak on it is helpful to invoke divine powers which can be enhanced by prayers.

When a person has high temperature, it is felt by placing hand around his neck or forehead. These are the specific places where application of  tilak is suggested. So applying tilak will help you ward off diseases. Get up at dawn and take bath, then apply tilak on the body and offer prayers to God. This routine will bring you happiness, prosperity and good luck.

How to apply

Applying tilak with your ring finger will bring you peace. If you use middle finger it will increase your lifespan, applying tilak  with index finger will assure you moksha and using the thumb will make you healthy. Tilak should not by applied by using little finger.