Pradakshina is walking around in circle in clockwise direction. Pradakishna or parikarma is a hindu ritual that forms the integral part of worship. It is usually performed while visiting a temple. Most temples have a circular path around the shrine to do Pradakishna. The devotee walks along the path. He walks slowly meditating and chanting lord’s name. It is also done around anything sacred like tulsi plant, Peepal tree, Agni, Sacred rivers, Sacred temples, Sacred hills.

How to do Pradakishna

The word Pradakishna means to go around along rightside. Inside a temple start moving from the left side of the shrine so that deity is on one’s right side always. The devotee should walk in slow steps meditating about God with his name in his lips and folded hands. After completing each pradakishna pray before the deity and then start the next pradakishna. Almost all temples have a pathway for pradakishna made of stone with the deity as the foci. So that the deity’s blessings flow equally along the circumference and his grace is received by all those who do the pradakishna.

Performing pradakishna in Shiva temples is different,  the devotees start the pradakshina as usual from the front and go clockwise till they reach the drainage outlet for the ritual ablution from the Sanctum Sanctorum then the worshipers have to return in anti-clockwise direction till they reach the other side of the drainage outlet to complete the circle.

Benefits of performing Pradakishna 

The visit to a temple will be fruitful only if you perform pradakishna. On visiting a temple it is said that a minimum of three pradaksahinas should be done. The first pradakishna is said to remove all sins. The second one makes the devotee a qualifier to submit his prayers to the deity. The third one makes the devotee the receiver of divine grace and his prayers will be answered.

The number of pradakishnas that should be performed for each deity different. One for ganesha, Two for Soorya, Three for Shiva, Four for Devi and Vishnu, Seven for Peepal tree.

The results of pradakshina done during different time of day vary. If done at morning it will free you from all illness. Pradakishna done during afternoon will lead to  the fulfillment of  your desires . The Pradakisha performed during  evening will lead to the removal of all sins. If performed at Midnight it will bring you Moksha. Doing twenty one pradakishnas in a day is said to be most beneficial. The sins committed during different births are believed to be removed by pradakishna.