Kuchipudi is the classical Indian dance form which originated in Andrapradesh. The dance likes other classical dances follows rules specified by ancient text NatyaShastra. The origin is in Kuchipudi village in Krishna district of Andrapradesh. It was Siddendra Yogi who developed dance in its popular format. It has similiarities with the dance Bharathanatyam. The dancing style has more laysa in it as the dance drama is often centered on stories of Lord Krishna and his lovers. The dance has some unique styles involving the dancer dancing balancing on a plate and placing pot on head.There are both male and female dancers performing this art. Earlier the dance was performed by a group of dancers. Nowadays the performance is mostly solo.

Since it is a dance drama, the music and lyrics have much importance.The literature usually comes from Puranas. The music used is Carnatic music. The lyrics can be in Kannada and Sanskrit. The music instruments used are cymbals, mridangam, violin or veena.

Some of the famous dancers are

Vempati Chinasatyam

Vedantam Satyanarayana Sharma.

Yamini Krishnamurthy

Raja Reddy and Radha Reddy

Sobha Naidu