Gayathri Mantra
Gayathri Mantra

Gayathri Mantra is one of the most important mantra in Hindu Dharma. It is made up of 24 syllables. The Gayathri which is used to worship the creator of the universe is most powerful. Gayathri means that which protects those who sing it. It should be chanted early in the morning standing looking east till the sunrise, at noon standing if you are facing the sun otherwise by sitting, in the evening by standing looking south till sunset. It is beneficial to chant Gayathri Mantra regularly 108 times in the morning, 32 times at noon and 64 times in the evening.

Bhurr Bhuvah Svah
Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi
Dhiyo Yo nah Prachodayat

There are other 24 sub Gayathri mantras that are chanted worshipping other Gods for achieving  different results.

  1. Ganesa Gayathri-For removing obstacles in one’s path.
  2. Vishnu Gayathri-For bringing prosperity to one’s family.
  3. Shiva Gayathri-For bringing peace and prosperity in the family.
  4. Bhrama Gayathri-For increasing productivity.
  5. Rama Gayathri-For getting popularity, recognition, security.
  6. Krishna Gayathri-For getting promotion in your job.
  7. Indra Gayathri-For preventing accidents and other mishaps.
  8. Haunuman Gayathri-For the achieving the desired goal without obstructions.
  9. Surya Gayathri-For curing diseases and pain.
  10. Chandra Gayathri-For reducing tension and bringing confidence.
  11. Yama Gayathri-For eliminating fear of death.
  12. Varuna Gayathri-For increasing love between man and woman.
  13. Narayana Gayathri-For increasing managerial abilities.
  14. Narasimha Gayathri-For getting help and empathy.
  15. Durga Gayathri-For the destroying the enemy.
  16. Lakshmi Gayathri-For getting wealth.
  17. Radha Gayathri-For having love and devotion.
  18. Sita Gayathri-For working with patience.
  19. Saraswati Gayathri-For having good memory, knowledge and creativity.
  20. Prithvi Gayathri-For getting cooperation, security and steadiness in one’s field.
  21. Agni Gaythri –For vitality of mind and body.
  22. Kama Gayathri-For getting sexual pleasure.
  23. Hamsa Gayathri-For acquiring wisdom.
  24. Hayagriva Gayathri– For getting rid of all types of fear