Ekadashi  is spiritual day for Hindus to fast and offer prayers. It is the eleventh day of a month in Hindu calendar which comes twice in a month according to the waxing and waning of the moon. Fasting on Ekadashi is beneficial as it imparts both Bhakti and Mukthi. By observing  Ekadasi Vrat one is freed from all his sins and can attain moksha. Prayers are mainly offered to Vishnu and Devi. The vrat is usually  kept on the first Ekadashi of the month.

Ekadashi Vrat  

The day before Ekadasi is called Dhashami. On Dhashami day  the fast is observed. One should get up before sunrise. After taking bath, wear fresh white clothes and visit a Vishnu temple and offer prayers and spend your day there. Fasting all day is considered to be the best. Most people find it difficult fasting a full day, so one can have fruits and vegetables but no grains. According to PadmaPurana, all the sins on earth are manifested in grains on this day. So eating grains is forbidden while following the vrat. You should not sleep while keeping the vrat. One should also abstain from all physical pleasures. Observing muvona vrat(not speaking) , meditating, reading religious scriptures and chanting mantras are  to be followed. The next after visiting the temple and offering prayers the vrath is broken.

The most holy Ekadashi’s are  Parivarthana ekadashi, Shayana ekadashi, Udhana ekadashi, Vaikunda ekadashi,bhimika ekadashi.