Hindu God Ganesha is also known as Vigneshavara, Ganapathi .He is known to be destroyer of obstacles in the way of success. Hindus believe that unless you conduct a Ganapathi pooja any venture will not be successful. Every temple has a Ganesha idol to make sure your prayers will not go unanswered. To to please him special poojas are conducted.  Homam with special offerings are made, Ganapathi is said to be a sweet lover so sweets are offered during the pooja. Coconut, flowers, tulsi are other offerings made to the deity. If your horoscope suggests that your time is not so good astrologers suggest you to worship Ganesha so that all obstacles in your way are destroyed by Ganesha’s  blessings.

Ganesha is depicted with the head of an elephant riding a mouse. He is also considered as the God of wisdom. His wives are namely Buddhi(intellect), Siddhi(spiritual power)and Vridhi(prosperity). He is the son of Goddess Parvathi and God Shiva. There are different stories about how he got the head of an elephant. One day while Pravathi   went to bath. She made a boy with clay and told him to guard the entrance. When Lord Shiva came he got angry as the boy denied him permission. So he cut his head. When Parvathi came to know this she became upset. Then Shiva placed an elephant’s head on the body and gave life to him. He was also given the status of leader of Shiva’s ganas. So he came to be known as Ganapathi. According to puranas for helping his devotees Ganesha undertook 12 incarnations(avathars) namely

1.Vakrathunda Ganapathi

2.Chinthamani Ganapathi

3.Gajanana  Ganapathi

4.Vignaraja Ganapathi

5.Mayura  Ganapathi

6.Balachandra Ganapathi

7.Dhumakethu Ganapathi

8.Ganesha Ganapathi

9.Shudha Ganapathi


11.Gandu Ganapathi

12.Vallabha Ganapathi