According to Hindu puranas and shastras there are several rules that lead to success in one’s life .Some of them are stated here.
The most heinous crimes are killing Bhramin, drinking liquor, theft, having an affair with your teacher’s wife. The things that should be kept secret are finance, women, mantras, the money given as charity, the quarrel in one’s family, the disrespect you received by somebody, the medicines you are taking. By committing Adhrama(crime) one may not receive is punishment immediately but his children and grand children may suffer.

Even if you are in an adverse situation never say ‘I am unlucky’. Meeting and forming relationships with good people is beneficial. At Home, if your wife is happy, your children will prosper and it will lead to enrichment of your soul. So it is very important that you should take care of your wife. One should never raise his hand except at one’s child or student. If revealing truth hurts somebody it is better not to disclose it.

To bring prosperity in the house, the house should not have an entrance facing southern direction. The entrance should not be covered by trees and shrubs, it should be always clean. One should wake up before sunrise. You should feed the pets and birds around the house before having food. It is not good to keep pictures or statues of pigeons, crows,snakes, owls in the house. After Sunset one should never have monetary dealings. If you are travelling you should not return home on the third or nineth day. Never engage in gambling. Take care of your servants. Be independent in life. Always offer respect to elders. Worship God.