Kamadeva is the Hindu God of Love who is the son of Lord Bhrama. His wife is Goddess Rati.Kamadeva creates passion on those whom he aims
arrows.He is assisted by God of Spring Vasanta who creates the suitable surroundings.He often uses the beautiful apsaras to instill
desire in the minds of those who have no desire.His bow is made of  Sugarcane and for arrows he uses flowers.One of his arrows is known
as Thapanam. His travels on a parrot.

Acccording to Hindu Puranas, Tharaka Assura could be killed only by Lord Siva’s son. So Kamadeva was asked to aim his arrows at Lord
Siva who was meditating. He created desire in Lord Siva which eventually lead to his marriage with Goddess Parvati and their son
was born who slayed the demon.But Siva became so angry at Kamadeva that he turned him to ashes.After that earth and heavan was devoid
desire. All the Gods along with Rati approached Goddess Parvathi and asked her to interfere.Seeing Rati’s sorrow Pravati requested Siva
to forgive Kamadeva. So he was given a boon to take his rebirth as Lord Krishna’s son Pradyumna. After his rebirth he was united with his wife and this brought back love and romance back to the world.

Video of Gayathri Mantra of Kamadeva.