Bharathanatyam , The Indian classical dance

Bharathanatyam Dancer

Bharathanatyam is the classical dance form that originated in Tamil Nadu. The choreography and music   used in this dance form is based on the ancient text  ‘NatyaShatra’ which was written by Bharathamuni. Bharatanatyam has origins in dance forms earlier practiced by Devadasis who performed this dance in temples. This lead to the decline of the art form as girls from good families eluded this dance form.This dance form was revived by famous dancer Rukmini Devi Arun Arundale who introduced many changes in the dance so as to appeal to modern audiences. She started dance school named ‘Kalashetra’ and introduced male dancers. The performances made by a group of dancers also attracted more audience. As a result the dance became so popular that now almost every girl who wants to dance in South India learns Bharathanatyam. It takes years of learning to master this classical dance form.The dance is usually based on stories from Hindu puranas. They depict  various emotions which are conveyed by the dance through her hand gestures , leg movements and facial expressions. The body movements are according to rules stated by NatyaShastra. The Hard work and dedication of many famous dancers who have made this dance popular all over the world and made Bharathanatyam a synonym of Indian dance.