Why  should a man marry?

A man should marry so that he becomes complete. He is considered incomplete without his better half. A person cannot participate in many karmas(physical and mental activities) and perform his duties completely unless he is married. Marriage is essential for performing dharma(duties),  attaining artha(money) and kama(physical desires) and in the company his wife he must strive to attain moksha(eternal bliss).

Hindu couples
Hindu Marriage Ceremony

A man is advised to marry a woman who is equal to him in education, financial status, karma and kulam. For a good life, one should marry a woman who has no blood relation with his mother and from same gothra of his father.

Numerous rituals are performed when a marriage takes place. Most of the ceremonies that take place make the marriage memorable one. It gives a person a new status and adds more responsibities. In Manusmrithi a married woman is advised to consider her husband equal to god(pathi parmeswar)  and husbands are advised to fulfill all responsibilities coming with marriage. He must able to understand the female mind. One is forbidden to beat his wife even with a flower. A wife adnored with good clothes and ornaments is the best decoration for a house. She fills the house with happiness and prosperity. It is said that ‘Where woman are treated with respect there gods reside’.

When  should a man  marry?

A man was considered worthy for marriage when he starts earning enough to run a family. A poor Man is considered ineligible for marriage .He is the one who cannot find enough money for one’s life . So he will be unable to provide for his wife and children and lead a fruitful family life. A man who has to see the poverty stricken faces of wife and children cannot have peace. So he advised not to marry.

Whom should one marry?

For a man marriage is possible in three different ways. One is between two individuals of equal status. The other ones being with woman between higher and lower status. Among the three, relationship between equal statuses is preferred.  One can marry a woman of higher status but should avoid a relation from lower strata of society as it will diminish one’s status and retard prosperity.


Hindu marriage
Hindu marriage