Eight different styles of  marriage or vivaha described in hindu puranas.

  1. Bhramam

The bride, beautifully dressed and  adorned with jewellery is given to the groom by her father .

  1. Daivavam

During a yagam(religious ceremony), the girl is given as a gift to the priest.

  1. Arsham

The father of the bride gives her to the groom in return for the cows and bulls he receives from the groom.

  1. Prajapathyam

The father of the bride gives her to the groom so that she may have better future and hoping that both of them they will lead a life according to the dharmas.

  1. Asuram

The bride and her family is given a money and gifts before marriage by the groom.

  1. Gandharvam

The bride and groom get married without informing their families and without performing any rituals because they have fallen in love with each other.

  1. Rakshasam

The groom takes the bride after fighting with the bride’s family members.

  1. Piashacham

The groom abducts the bride and forcefully marries her without her consent.

The first four styles were followed by Bhramins in olden days. Raksam was done by Khatriyas and Asuram was for Shudras and Vysas. Piashacham  had to be avoided by everyone.

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